Aloha! My name is Douglas DeBoer, and I'm the creative director of Visual Alchemy.  I'm also known as the Visual Alchemist.  Visual, because I work in a broad spectrum of traditional and high tech expressive mediums, and alchemist, because I create visual magic.  I've been an artist since I could first wield a crayon, and I've been exploring the world of light, form, sound and color ever since.  My wife Jessica and have made the gorgeous island of Maui our home.

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My formal training began in High School with architectural design and many inspiring teachers, and then I went on to earn a B.A. in Fine Art from the University of South Florida, with a concentration in oil painting.  Here, I had the privilege of honing my artistic skills with many old-world techniques, like figure drawing, calligraphy, sculpture, and intaglio printmaking. 

In the mid 1990's the computer revolution went into full swing, and I quickly threw myself into the amazing world of Photoshop, graphic design, video editing, and digital painting.  Also, many years of collaboration with world class performance artists expanded my horizons into live video projections, digital FX's and film making.  Most recently, I've spread my wings in the incredible world of aerial cinematography, and I'm constantly looking for new ways to express my passion for art every day.

It would be a great honor to help bring your vision to life!

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