Aerial drone photography is nothing short of amazing, and can be utilized in endless ways to add a unique perspective to almost any project.  Our gimbal stabilized 4K camera captures crystal clear cinematography that is smooth as glass, and can we can fly in areas that a helicopter could never go, such as hovering above a neighborhood home, or even flying inside a large space like a church or gymnasium. 

REAL ESTATE -  There's no better way to show a house or land than from a bird's eye view.  You can highlight your mountain or ocean vista in a way that will dazzle prospective buyers.  Our drone even records gps latitude and longitude coordinates for every shot, which has incredible potential for property development.

MUSIC & DANCE VIDEOS - Stunning aerial cinematography adds high-end production value to all your creative endeavors.

WEDDINGS - A shot of all your family and friends from above will be cherished for generations to come. It's a brilliant way to highlight the gorgeous scenery that surrounded you on one of the best days of your life.

EVENTS - How else are you going to see everyone who came to your special event or performance cheering at once?  It's even possible to do a live internet broadcast from your eye in the sky!